This is the "does the dog die" page for TREVOR; an extension of the content warning list. It's for people that need to have certain points elaborated on, to know if a story will be enjoyable for them, or to prepare themselves for depictions of things that could make them uncomfortable, and avoid emotional triggers. 

As mentioned, there will be spoilers below (as it is impossible not to go into detail on some points without doing so) but the more plot-sensitive details will be blocked out, and revealed only when highlighted (like this: spoiler <click and drag your mouse across the grey) for people who just want a yes or no and no further explanation

I won't be able to cover all of the bases for everyone; we all have our own needs and limits, and there is no shame in having them! If you'd like something else to be added to this list, you can ask me in the comments section of a page; you can also do this anonymously by commenting as a guest, signing out or opening the page in a private/incognito tab

Without further ado:

Do people get abused/killed?
Who dies:  everyone except Albert and Trevor are killed explicitly. It is left dubious in the comic whether Dr. Madison survives, but I can confirm he does, albeit missing a hand 
Abuse description: Trevor is imprisoned as a test subject for bodily experiments, while this is not shown on screen, it is talked about clearly

Causes of death and grievous harm:
Head trauma: yes gunshots, decapitation, crushing
Eye trauma: yes eye gouging, removal
Mouth trauma: sort of teeth are seen in the air, but no explicit, specific depictions of their removal
Chest/gut/throat: yes asphyxiation, disembowelment, punctures/lacerations, gunshots
Wrists/hands: yes a hand is removed, no explicit or specific harm to the wrist is shown
Fingers/toes/nails: no no explicit or specific harm to these parts are shown
Bones made visible:  yes they can be seen jutting out and breaking from various places in the body

Body distortion description:  faces, limbs, bone, flesh and gore are shown morphing and distorting, both through grievous harm, and by will. Trevor is able to deform, regenerate and twist his body in inhuman ways

Is there torture/suffering?
Yes characters are made to suffer as they die through varying degrees, (see causes of death and grievous harm above) and are shown distressed when seeing other characters die

Is there begging?
Sort of characters say no and fight back, but there are no depictions of pleading or bargaining for their lives

Are there zombies or similar infectious diseases?

Are there needles?

Is there vomiting?
No, but blood does leak from mouths

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