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JCorrachComics JCorrachComics said:

I hate to be stuck working so slow during an action sequence, but I'd rather be crawling than lying still, thanks for hanging in there with me

I get to see my wife again for the first time in about a year, and help her immigrate, so the hope has been lifting my spirits a little during the stress of making all of it happen

May 8, 2021


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demontales demontales

The action is really felt!

May 9, 2021


ztjinc ztjinc

Strong visual page

May 10, 2021


shyangry shyangry

Oh my god, has it really been a year? I'm really glad things are finally starting to come together for you. And hopefully for these two as well!

May 13, 2021


CoireallCarrollKent CoireallCarrollKent

Just caught up and OH. MY. GOD. I have no words. These pages are on another level! :O

May 14, 2021


_Lady_Jess_ _Lady_Jess_

Wow, this an intense page! You can feel it!
I'm late to the party, but I'm glad all went went for you and your wife. Having a house and doing repairs can be a-lot, especially during a pandemic. On a personal note I just finally got my bathroom remodeled a few weeks ago... It was a project I wanted to hire someone to do before the pandemic but a-lot got pushed to the side because of that.

March 24, 2023


JCorrachComics JCorrachComics

Oh my god yeah, renos take so. much. work. We were doing a LOT of drywall ourselves, the people our landlord couldve gotten to do it were back-booked into winter that year lmao
I'm glad your bathrooms up and running!

March 24, 2023


_Lady_Jess_ _Lady_Jess_

Wow, well I hope it's better now at least! That sounds rough. Thank you, same here!

March 25, 2023

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