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JCorrachComics JCorrachComics said:

Dr. Seaton: I... I don't hear anyone coming... I think we've lost him, for now... Are you alright?
Dr. McFlann: Just... A bit out of breath, and you, Seaton?
Dr. Seaton: About the same...
Dr. McFlann: God... I haven't ran like that since college, hahah...
Dr. Seaton: Hmm...
Dr. McFlann: What, you don't believe I was in shape back then?
Dr. Seaton: No, it's not that, I just had a thought... With that speed, he could have grabbed us at any time, like he did with the guards. Why didn't he-

Out of the frying pan and asking some good questions...

I hate leaving things on a cliffhanger here, but unfortunately there wont be an update til november, my tablet pen has bit the dust. When she decided to work, she worked enough to finish colouring and rendering things, but the pressure sensitivity is all junked up and that effects my lineart the most. If some of the shadows look a little muddy, that is why. A replacement is on its way, but again, that wont get here til next month, ETA is between Nov. 5 and Nov. 11

Todays page wouldn't have gotten done PERIOD if my buddy @DelightfullyOdd hadn't been able to swoop in and help me with the last leg of the lines and blocking in some colour, they did a masterful job emulating my style and shaping things up. If you like aliens and funky character designs, please go check their art out, you will not be disappointed

In the meantime, while I'm waiting on the replacement pen, I can still draw traditionally, would anyone be interested in an illustrated Q&A? Questions to me, or to some of the cast, maybe, whatever people would be down for the most over on my twitter

This has certainly been a year, hasnt it? Thank you all again for reading my silly comic, I hope things get better soon for all of us

EDIT: I put this in the ding dang transcript instead of the author note section when i uploaded the page initially, fixed it now so y'all can actually read the update here

October 18, 2020


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r-o-o-t-w-o-o-d r-o-o-t-w-o-o-d

'Thwack' huh? That can't be good

October 17, 2020


shyangry shyangry

Well I'm sure it's because he's planning to let you guys go!

October 17, 2020


demontales demontales

Looking back is rarely a good thing

October 17, 2020


ace1081 ace1081

Good read so far!

October 21, 2020


Mrremoraman Mrremoraman


October 25, 2020

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