Where to find me and other stories I make

August 24, 2021 | JCorrachComics
Heyo, I had a couple people asking where to check when I make new things, and rather than posting a blog here whenever that happens, I've made a hub site where you can follow along as comics are being created!

It's going to act as a place to collect and display completed works, show progress timelines and where I'm at in current stories, launch date announcements, concept art, early drafts and deleted scenes. I'm still going to be posting updates on my twitter as well, but the hub site allows me a lot more wiggle room with formatting, and is much easier to navigate

If you're interested, the link is here! It's hosted through comicfury, so you can subscribe and be notified when news and other things get posted

Hope to see you round, have a good night ✌️


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