Cameos: a contest, or a race?

April 27, 2020 | JCorrachComics
Heyo, it's getting pretty close to when I'll put out the casting call, but I just realised that I haven't gone about this in the best of ways! This is my first time doing this kind of thing, so please bare with me as I'm learning on the fly

So, I originally intended this to be a first-come/first-serve sort of deal, where I'd use the first designs submitted to me, and when planning this, I wanted to keep as many details hidden until the last minute so that people couldn't start working on something ahead of time and get an unfair advantage. But, I realise now that keeping the fc/fs nature of this thing hidden, I might have given the impression that there would be more of a traditional contest involved, and disappoint people that might have looked forward to having their design judged

I don't expect there to be a huge number of people clambering to make a design, or volunteering an oc for this comic, since it is a slasher, and true to the nature of the genre, said oc is going to get murdered on-screen (not canon to your story/universe, they'd be like actors playing a role), BUT I've seen some people draw wicked fast, and I'd hate to have someone's excitement ruined because they checked in too late and everything was already taken, you know? I know I would be, for sure, I'm passionate about weird junk

Anyways, I made a twitter poll asking for input, and since most people check in here on fridays, tell me your thoughts from now til friday evening, May 1st at 11pm, pst*
I'm also accepting feedback on here as well! If you're interested, let me know if you'd prefer a race or a contest, either replying to this blog entry, or really sending me a comment/pm anywhere I'm active (heres the links to all my social media and stuff: )

The date I'll be posting the casting call, whether it be a race or a contest, is now saturday, May 2nd, 12pm, pst

* (the twitter poll expires before friday cos i screwed the day up, and i cant edit twitter posts sorry! but you can still vote here or anywhere else you can find me in the link above)


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