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JCorrachComics JCorrachComics said:

Hey again! Overestimated my abilities again to keep things going with the strain of the move, but two days late isnt all that bad I suppose, I really gotta get back to packing. Thank you guys for being so supportive and patient with me in all this mess on my end

Like I said last week, next update won't be til March, see you then!

I'll type up the transcript tomorrow, I'm absolutely beat o)-(

February 28, 2021


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demontales demontales

Someone sure got a confidence boost.

And good luck with the packing!

March 1, 2021


shyangry shyangry

The thigh holster was a nice touch. Something tells me Benjamin might not be as up to the task as they'd all hope. :0

March 1, 2021

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